Our Mission 

Whakapai te Whenua
Whakapai te Tangata

"Healthy Whenua, Healthy People" 

Our service offers Mirimiri, Romiromi, Purea, Whitiwhiti Korero in a culturally safe environment.  Our role is to source natural medicinal remedies from the native flora and fauna of Aotearoa, NZ.   Our practitioners guide the healing journey - to cleanse or balance body, mind and spirit.  We have been working from 307 Riccarton Road for nine months, but have amassed our learning, training, experience and knowledge since 1988       

On 18 April 2021 Kahukura Rongoa Maori Charitable Trust with the following aims and objectives: 

  1. Restoration of whenua (urban and semi-rural tracks of land), regenerate forests, bush and wetlands for Māori traditional healing;

  2. Promotion and education of traditional Rongoā Māori (Māori Medicinal knowledge, skills, and practices) based on the kaupapa (theories), tikanga and kawa (beliefs), and experiences indigenous to Aotearoa (New Zealand), whether explicable or not, to the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of te taha tinana (physical), taha, wairua (spiritual), taha hinengaro (mental), taha whānau (social) Māori health and wellbeing;

  3. Preserving Māori traditional knowledge by protecting it from bio-piracy such as the exploitation of biological diversity and/or associated traditional knowledge without seeking the permission of, or sharing the benefits with, the countries or communities of origin.

  4. Making Rongoā Māori (traditional medicine) consultations accessible and affordable .

Kahukura Maori Healing practitioners can take our  enquiries by phone at 0800 766 462 or email

Taonga Tuku Iho

Bullet point

Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer:

Rongoa Maori practitioners have a range of experiences and backgrounds. Matauranga or knowledge transfer is intergenerational and treated as a taonga from those who have now passed on. 


These days rongoa practitioners can more easily access the teachings from Wananga, community courses and workshops. 

We plan to regularly feature stories of local Tohunga and their contributions to our rohe (district).    


Kua wehe te mauri, kua wehe te mauri

Mahia te mahi, mahia te mahi

Kua hoki te mauri, Kua hoki te mauri?

Engari, kua wehe, kua wehe te mauri

Kimihia whakaro pai, kimihia whakaaro pai

Ka hoki te mauri. ka hoki te mauri

Mauri Ora e!         

Anei te moteatea na Terehia & Maire Kipa 


Unguarded, unprotected

Separated and weakened.

Energy, vitality

Life essence departs...

Healing the spirit

Cleanse and replenish

Good thoughts, hard work

Life essence returns!

"Kaitiakitanga of whanau and whenua, sustained by good thoughts and hard work" na Terehia Kipa 2013.