Nau Mai Tauti Mai


Kahukura Rongoa Maori Healing

A one of its kind
Kaiwhakaora (Maori Healers) Precinct at
307 Riccarton Road, Christchurch NZ.
I nga wa o mua ... in times past,  
our land and waterways flourished.
Whanau related with the 
natural and ancestral worlds 
for a supernatural experience. 
Knowledge of healing and medicine 
was passed one generation to the next
Whanau culture and spirituality was fluid -
rich in knowledge and technology. 
​We invite you to realise the dream of your tupuna 
and support Nga Whanau Kaiwhakaora
Maori Healers and Artists
be a healing force for good.
Our Kaiwhakaora are on stand-by
to 'mirimiri' whanau and whenua.
Healing body, mind and spirit!
Phone 0800 766 462 or email
for an appointment!
Check our calendar for Rongoa Workshops
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workshops, wananga and mahi ki te whenua. 

Ira Atua


Ira Tangata



Ira Atua

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Nga Kaiwhakaora - Maori Healers & Artists

By our wairua and mauri we share the truth and wisdom handed down from the tupuna (elders).  We pass the values and teachings of Maori healing, cleansing, native plant-based medicine.

We promote Te Whare Tapawha.  Using a Holistic approach 

to address spiritual , psychological, mental, physical,

and social dimensions of wellbeing.

Ancestral connectedness & Kaitiakitanga

are aspects of Maori wellbeing    

particularly as it relates to 

Te Waonui a Tane, Whenua, Nga puna wai, 

Whanau Support or friend(s) are all welcome  



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Meet The Team


Aperahama Kipa

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Kahukura Maori Healing Partner

Tohunga & Spiritual Teacher. 

Apprentice of Koka Heeni Philips

Te Rapana Trust 2001 - 2005.

Graduate of Io Matangaro 

Kaitiaki Kaputahi Rongoa Reserve 565 Marshlands Rd, Ourihia 


Rewa Skipper

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Mirimiri & Romiromi 7 Years

Dip. Massage Therapy 2014

Healing within the Whatumanawa or heart centre connecting and balancing spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological dimensions


Maire Kipa, Bro & Sis

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Kahukura Maori Healing - Managing Partner, Te Whare Tangata Wananga, S27 Cultural Report Writer -

Rongoa Maori Advocate since 2001

Kaitiaki Kaputahi Rongoa Reserve

565 Marshlands Road, Ourihia